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If You Come Softly
If you come softly
as a feather drifts down through the air
then unnoticed, you may enter
they can't sense you
they can't hear
And if you come softly
as the moonlight breaks the darkness
then you may wake me
with a brushing of your lips
Oh, if you whisper
sweet sweet words to me
I will whisper them as well
and you may guide my lips
wherever you want them to go
If you are gentle
not a vulgar sound
will break the silence
and our bliss won't be disturbed
And if you'll hold me
we can fall asleep
to the beating of our hearts
and as we drift away together
we are one  
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Est-ce que tu sais
que je fait
quand tu quittes la salle?
dans moi-même je...  j'appelle ton nom
je ne sais pas
mais, je pense que je te veux si beaucoup
je ne peux pas me contrôler
Tu est un incendie a mon âme, mon esprit
et j'aime la chaleur, tu me fait fou
Tu m'approche et
me fait trembler
quand tu touche ma peau,
a tes mots je fond dans tes bras
je ne sais pas
mais, je pense que je te veux si beaucoup
je ne peux pas me contrôler
Tu est un incendie a mon âme, mon esprit
et j'aime la chaleur, tu me fait fou
Je ne peux pas me contrôler!
Tu est un incendie, a mon âme, mon esprit
est j'aime la chaleur! Tu me fait fou
je te veux pour mien! Ton esprit, ton âme, ton corps et ton ceour
est je te donne
tout de moi....
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Upon your arms that hold me
Upon impassioned whispers in the dark
upon our beating hearts
I swear Ill never leave you
I swear I'll always be there by your side
day and night
Because I know
that I can't live without you
I know that all my dreams about you
will come true
There's only one thing I can do
Each moment that we spend apart
I call for you within my hear
I need you by my side
two have become one
bound forever in eternity
there is no you
there is no I
and neither of us can be
without the other
we need each other's tender loving kiss
With you my life is filled with bliss
but if I don't have you
I could not exist....
Each time you say you love me
I feel as if I'm floating in a dream
you've made reality
You're the first thought to cross my mind each day
I pray these thoughts should never go away
I need you to stay
Because I know
that I can't live without you
I know if you should ever go away
then I would surely die that day
If you should ever say goodbye
I swear that every tear I cr
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Mature content
Winding Streets of Memory :iconsongofthepheonix:songofthepheonix 0 0
Mature content
Thunder :iconsongofthepheonix:songofthepheonix 0 0
Mature content
A thund'ring shade of green :iconsongofthepheonix:songofthepheonix 0 2
Act 1 Scene 2
Act 1, Scene 2
[The stage is dark and the curtain is down.  A single spotlight appears in the center of the stage, revealing a man standing there.  Dressed fittingly as a ringmaster, he gazes at the audience. He has an eerie demeanor and and overpowering presence.  His voice is melodious and hypnotic, but has an edge to it, as if he might break into hysterics at any moment.  He begins calmly, but he speaks with mounting passion.
He is called Eli, but that is unimportant to this scene.]
Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to my show.  
All that you see tonight, every word, every little person and the story they shall tell, is mine.  I control their actions, what they think, what they feel.  And tonight, if only for a few short hours, what you see, what you think, and what you feel, will all be a result of my show as my little puppets dance before you.  And as you sit, transfixed, I am the ringmaster.  
You are mine.
I shall warn you now that this play will not end happily.  The individua
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Forever...Float... Away
                                         The water surrounds; it encloses me
                                     as the waves come crashing
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Silence -I know so creatvie-
We've lost touch with the silence
and lost sight of the truth
for in this buisy world we take no time
to speak with solitude
One must get to know themself
to understand another's thoughts
but we don't; and when no words are said
we understand the silence not
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Act 1, Scene 1
Scene opens on a normal night at the bar La Rue Noir.  People are fighting and gambling as well as other things.  This is where I'd suggest the actors have fun.  Play Pattycake and shout out random phrases such as "You can't do that to another man's swiss cheese" or "You're not supposed to use your gnome that way".  A wench named Kira climbs onto a small stage-like platform.
Kira- sweetly Attention Everyone, Attention
Noone pays heed
Everyone stops
Sweetly again Thank you.  Now then, to begin tonight's entertainment,
I'll need a volunteer.  Are there any virgins in the audience?
Jon- I-
Kira- No Jon not you that was taken care of the other night.
A large, unattractive, unwashed man appears behind Jon, grinning and starts petting Jon's head.  Jon crawls into a corner and just stares at the floor.
Kira- Now then, anyone else?
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I scream
for you
broken on the floor
I'm lying
here crying
for you not to go
I begging for...
Bind me in chains
make them tighter
bring the pain
break me
take me
These wounds
I've made myself
just don't
adiquately serve
to slake my
agonizing thirst
for that sweet brutality
I plead for you to give
to me
You left me
half broken
I want you to
what you have started
berate me
humiliate me
use me for all your
twisted fantasies
push me over the edge
of sanity
Bind me in chains
make them tighter
bring the pain
break me
take me
Destroy me from inside
and let the outside
fade and die
open these scars
let them bleed
and make
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Beyond unconciousness
Drifting in
drifting out
beyond what my
conscious mind
can see
drifting away
beyond the bounds
of sanity
Shapes are dancing
before my eyes
sounds and colors
In the realms
of dark and light
fears and worries
cast aside
as order
and chaos collide
Odd sensations
touch and feel
the nothingness around you
all illusions...
but yet so real
Drifting back
to the world
I know all too well
Falling down
to reality
My hell
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Fade Away
Hidden in darkness
she's tucked away
sheilded from the light of day
Never wakes
Never sleeps
always smiles
always weeps
She's faded
inside her mind
lost in the void
of space and time
Oh how I wish
to cast away
this foolish world
the light of day
Like her
I want to fade away
fade away
fade away
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Everybody has a mask
A mask they use to hide
to shield the ones around them
from the truth that lies inside
A mask that's strong and happy
for when they're breaking down
Never let them see you're weak
Never let them see you frown
Everybody has a mask
and everyone has lied
to shield themselves
and to shield others
because it's easier
to hide
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end of the rainbow
Why are we fearful of the end?
Why are we reluctant to decend?
If you truely believe there's a heaven and a god,
why are we afraid
(because of our sins, mistakes that we've made)
I'm tired of being scared
So please, please free me from all care
Show me love
Show me lust
until the day we turn to dust
Take me in
make me strong
and I will carry on
and have nothing to fear
when the end of the rainbow is here
and I pass away from this world
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another experiment poem thingy
If I touched you,
would you draw away in fear,
If I whispered my thoughts
into your ear?
What would you do
if you knew
my darkest secrets
my feelings true?
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Personal Quote: "Humanity takes itself too seriously. It is the world's original sin."~ Oscar Wilde
Yesterday was me and my boyfriend's first anniversary ^^  New deviation is the song I wrote him.  COMMENTS PLEASE!
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